Welcome to the Georgia Paso Fino Horse Association

RibbonsAs a group, our members introduce more and more people to the world of the Paso Fino horse each year. We are here to encourage and inform any and all who are interested in this wonderful breed. It’s all about the Paso Fino, family, and friends!

Originally established in Atlanta in 1976 as the Georgia Paso Fino Owners and Breeders Association, the Georgia Paso Fino Horse Association (GPFHA) is a statewide (and beyond) group of horse owners and enthusiasts, professional trainers, breeders, trail riders, and show competitors. This diverse group has one thing in common: the love of the Paso Fino horse. Members regularly participate in shows, clinics, local parades, trail rides, breed demonstrations, and other horse events around the state.

Our members come together to share their mutual love for this amazing and versatile breed. We are not only rookies and veterans of the show ring but the most comfortable riders blazing any trail. No matter your age or interests there is a Paso Fino that can carry you there….

We invite you to look around our site and then join us for one of our clinics, shows, or membership meetings throughout the year so you can learn about and love the breed so close to our hearts. We come from many diverse walks of life, hail from many nationalities, and enjoy different activities with our horses, but at the end of the day we are PASO PEOPLE and we hope you will join our Paso family!